It's been Seven Decades...

Established in 1948, S.Kumars has always been a brand synonymous with Quality and Value for Money. Set out with the vision of providing good quality fabrics at economical price-points for the masses – it didn’t take long for S.Kumars to become the choice when it came to fabrics for daily wear and uniforms. And even though it’s been more than seven decades the core philosophy has remained unchanged – “Providing International Quality at Affordable Prices.” It is this idea combined with passion, exuberance and diligence that S.Kumars enjoys a major market share in India as well as overseas.

Manufacturing the S.Kumars way

As the brand evolved over the years, so did its manufacturing & finishing.Being one of the few textile houses to have complete technical expertise across the entire process,Skumars has master spinning weaving, process and finisging at their unit located in Central India.

The manufacturing facilities are state of the art,despite beign established 40 years ago,owing the relentless efforts to upgrade and update time again,Spninning,Weaving,Proccesing Divisions have Production capacity of 240 metric toons and 10 lakh meters per month respectively.

All Fabric Manufactured at S.Kunars are produced high-grade raw materails that meet all pramaters of consistency in shades,color fatness,dimensional stability,durability,non-spilling, non-pilling comfort.

Skumars continues to bond its year of exprience with foresight and hence is able to effectively satisfy consumers demands for all types of uniforms for any kind of insitutional.In addition,they quickly & easily adapt the changing needs of the common man in the various industries.It is celebrating Seven Decades of Quality,Excellence & Value for Money!