Passion has been my motto. I had only passion when I started 70 years ago..if one has passion, he can conquer the world.

Mr. Shambhukumar Kasliwal


I feel extremely proud today as I look back on our journey together not only as life partners,but even as business partners.May God bless this organisation with greater success always.

Mrs. Rajkumari Kasliwal

Head- Towels

Don’t be afraid to fail..Be afraid not to try is what my grandfather has taught me. It is with these strong values that we are standing tall today even after 70 years. And I intend to take this great legacy forward with passion & humility.

Mrs. Dhvani Kaul

Head-Institutional Sales

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people. After spending 33 years here at S.Kumars & becoming part of the S.Kumars family, I feel overjoyed to be part of this organisation.

Mr. Subhash Kataria

Chief Executive Officer

The backbone of a company is its financial stability. After so many years of existence, with the grace of the Almighty, we are still going strong.

Mr. Punamchand Daga